The most frequent questions we are asked during a CD replication telephone enquiry are “what is the turnaround time?” and “can the turnaround time be reduced?”

In most cases the answer will be 7 working days production for bulk supply CD replication and 10 working days production for replication with printed parts and packaging. This production time is governed by the time that it physically takes to manufacture or press the discs and by our print suppliers. It is extremely hard to reduce this time at all and the answer to the 2nd question is usually no.

However, for the following products we can reduce the production times by a couple of days on orders of 500 or 1000 units:

• CD album replication in jewel case with full colour 4 page booklet and inlay
• CD replication in full colour printed card wallet
• DVD replication in DVD case with full colour DVD inlay poker99

Upgrades for 500 units are available for an extra £70+vat and for 1000 units an extra £90+vat.

The production time is reduced due to:

• “Jump the queue” during glass mastering
• Same day delivery of print from our print suppliers
• Hand pack of order rather than machine auto-pack

Due the express service being hand packed unfortunately cellophane overwrap is not available with these upgrades.

So if you are desperate for a slightly reduced leadtime these upgrade packages may just be suitable and get you out of a sticky situation!